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Kritikgespräch / Scrum Master / Retrospective

Kritikgespräch / Scrum Master / Retrospective
Kritikgespräch / Scrum Master / Retrospective

Führung: Wenn das Mitarbeitergespräch in Streit ausartet
Im Berufs- und Privatleben ist es zuweilen unvermeidbar, das Verhalten oder die Einstellung anderer Menschen zu kritisieren. Führungskräfte stehen sogar regelmäßig vor dieser Herausforderung - zum Beispiel wenn sie im Mitarbeitergespräch eine Rückmeldung über Leistung geben. Doch nicht jeder Mensch verträgt Kritik, und sei sie noch so sachlich und wertschätzend formuliert.,3316680

Scrum: Evolution of the Scrum Master
So who is the perfect person for this role? Is it a (project) manager, a team leader or maybe one of the development team members? Should he have technical skills or is he more a people manager?
The answer to these questions are, also not simple. These answers are hidden in the way many of these organizations have implemented the Scrum Master role. Another pattern appears, that describes the evolution of the Scrum Master...

Agile: What are the benefits of Agile Retrospective meetings?
It is insane to do same things and expecting different results. Problem solving approach and subsequently delivering more value to your customers, requires change in the way of working. That is why agile promotes the usage of retrospectives to help teams to solve problems and improve themselves.

Zitat der Woche
“Greatness can’t be imposed; it has to come from within.
But it does live within all of us.”

(Jeff Sutherland)

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